ALEC CEA’s Modern Solution to Farming

Technological change has been a driving force for the advancement in agricultural productivity and development to ensure food safety, quality and environmental factors are met in today’s world. Given how competitive and challenging the field has become, we at ALEC have worked with some of the industry’s leading corporations to find sustainable solutions to provide an efficient environmentally friendly agriculture sector.

Through our partnerships, the group has worked collectively in an aligned manner to ensure solutions that optimize work within the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) sector. Whether building vertical farming spaces which are encouraged to ensure less space taken or providing solar energy solutions through ALEC Energy, we are committed to decreasing the logistics required, thus reducing carbon emissions, and contributing to a more sustainable future.


Our approach, from the top-down leadership structure, across all capabilities has been ensuring sustainability throughout our supply chain. That is because, we view sustainability as a specific goal for all our decision makers which makes our interest in CEA a means to achieve lifelong solutions. With countries facing challenges on a daily basis, we took strategic steps to provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions for aquaculture.


Thanks to our proven construction techniques, we’ve been able to ensure that all the CEA facilities focused on using as little resources as possible. Through our state-of-the-art approach, our facilities have used 95% less water in all farming practices and a 98% reduction in the requirement for soil in some farming practices.


Some of our partnerships such as the one with Norwegian-based MAT Filtration Technologies for land-based aquaculture, has given the ALEC Group the opportunity to invest in cutting edge water treatment projects and filtration, within the MENA region. Such projects have been structured to provide a viable, turnkey solution that could be implemented within the race of finding sustainable projects in the region.


The ALEC-BUTEC joint venture, for example, has helped us to elevate the region’s utilities, industrial and environmental sector-based projects such as working in reverse osmosis and becoming sea intake/outfall specialists.


This isn’t to say we haven’t been comfortable forging our own solutions without partners as well. To ensure the highest quality, we employ the group’s in-house MEP, and technological expertise to help various corporations to build large cloud services to protect, analyse and recover data.

The new challenges to meet the growing demands for food has pushed countries to look into new ways such as vertical farming, to meet the demand. ALEC has been able to help find solutions for vertical farming through our on-hand capabilities, thereby ensuring there is a regional uptake of CEA with development and incentivization programs being deployed across the MENA region, and not just in a particular country.