ALEC Launches Subsidiary to Revamp Data Center Construction Across MENA

ALEC Group has announced the establishment of its newest subsidiary, ALEC Data Center Solutions.

The newly formed entity will focus on three primary lines of business — traditional data center construction solutions, prefabricated solutions, and modernization and retrofit solutions.

The company will employ the group’s in-house civil, MEP, and technological expertise to help corporations and hyperscalers construct large-scale, customized data centers for cloud service delivery, mission-critical workloads, and disaster recovery.

It will also be the first entity in the MENA region to focus on liquid immersion technologies, resulting in more sustainable, customizable, and cost-effective data centers, a statement said. ALEC Data Center Solutions will open its experience center in the coming weeks, enabling clients and prospects to review solutions first-hand, a statement said.

“Until now, cost, expertise, logistics, customizability, and scalability have all presented formidable challenges to regional organizations looking to establish their own data centers, hampering their ability to innovate at pace and scale,” said Kez Taylor, CEO at ALEC. “With our entry into the rapidly advancing data center space, ALEC is set to fill the void for a single, large-scale specialist organization that can offer the entire gamut of data center development services.”

With its prefabricated data center line, manufactured at its Dubai facility, the company will be able to offer scalable, edge-type deployments across multiple or remote sites in the region.

Through its partnership with Submer, an innovator in advanced immersion cooling solutions for cloud and edge computing, the company aims for data center energy efficiency with solutions that help save 50 per cent on capex building costs, up to 95 per cent on cooling expenses, and more than 90 per cent water usage for cooling purposes, the statement added.

“ALEC Data Center Solutions is perfectly positioned to cater to the region’s growing demand for world-class data centers. Building on the strengths of the broader ALEC Group allows us to draw from a vast pool of resources and expertise to deliver the next-generation data centers that will power the digital transformation of enterprises in the region,” said ALEC Data Center Solutions spokesperson, Bjorn Viedge.