ALEC Controlled Enviroment Agricultural Solutions

Securing the Future of Food.

What We Do​

Together with a full suite of related businesses aligned to delivering comprehensive turnkey solutions, we provide integrated construction solutions with the ability to deliver complex modern controlled environment agriculture projects.

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Turnkey Solutions

We control and manage the full project scope of works with assignment of in-house related business & strategic partnerships, whilst maintaining control of resources, specialists and subcontractors to deliver a ready to occupy facility.

Construction Solutions

Acting as the main contractor, we successfully manage the overall project scope and work, whilst providing aligned, detailed BIM and coordination services taking responsibility for the successful delivery of the project.

Management Solutions

As construction managers we provide pre-construction detailed BIM & coordination design services and the assignment of competent managerial staff to oversee projects activities to ensure successful delivery of the project.

What We Specialize In

Controlled Environment Agricultural Solutions

From Aquaponics to Hydroponics, we help you set up the best of growing techniques, utilizing the waste of one element to benefit another, mimicking a natural ecosystem. It’s a game changer.


Placing emphasis on self sufficiency whilst limiting the use of scarce water resources, hydroponic growing methods consistently prove to be the future of crops in the GCC.


Leveraging the best of both worlds through the use of two highly efficient growth systems, hydroponics and aquaculture, for optimal mutual outputs.


Limiting dependencies on food imports by creating internal food production systems ready to cater for regional protein needs through the controlled cultivation of fish.

Building Sustainably.

As a contractor in the Middle East, we spearhead sustainable construction and have accomplished the completion of numerous green building projects which are exemplar in achieving sustainable performance.

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