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Reasons Why Solar is Eco-Friendly

While this may be an obvious factor (and one of the renewable energy’s top selling points) so far, but compared to conventional energy grids, using solar panels ensures a much better ecology for your kids and grandkids…

Case Studies

How Durable Are Solar Panels on Average?

Before you switch from a good old conventional power grid you’ve been using all your life to something as new as the solar panels, it’s only wise and natural to be interested in its durability. While each solar panel by each specific…

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Solar Cuts Your Energy Bills!

Once again, this point is kind of obvious to anyone who wasn’t living under the rock as the solar boomed in the last 20 years, but the truth is that by installing a solar panel you begin to save on energy immediately. But how does it…

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Design Perks of Going Solar

Yet another reason to go solar is to…enhance your home’s interior and exterior appearance! As strange as it sounds, the need to install the panels, combined with tremendous savings on energy bills will give you a unique option to start enhancing…