ALEMCO combines outstanding professional expertise with an active ‘build better, buy better’ approach designed to give its clients better value. Engaging with ALEMCO assures clients of an all-round engineering solution supported by a pool of talent with in-depth local market understanding and experience.

Electromechanical Construction Services

We can provide a wide range of turnkey solutions to meet your current and future needs. To ensure that you receive a solution that is project specific for your development, ALEMCO supports each stage of the process through pre-coordination, on-going collaboration, professional engineering and planning. Our proactive approach has earned ALEMCO a reputation as being a cooperative flexible engineering company with an impeccable history of delivering successful projects time after time.

Facilities Management

ALEMCO facilities management is highly flexible, and comprises a portfolio of approaches designed to provide an optimum return on investment coupled with efficient cost-focused management. We can offer contracting, full maintenance and call-out facilities management services, with turn-key solutions and management methods being applied to suit each individual client’s requirements.

Energy Optimization Savings

We have a comprehensive range of methods, tools, techniques and technologies designed to optimize clients’ use of energy. ALEMCO is highly experienced in implementing energy audits on existing buildings, with the focal point being long term operational cost savings and plant optimization engineering. We also use tried and tested energy-saving methods, chosen to reflect our clients’ environment and priorities, coupled with ongoing plant and maintenance engineering to help create cost effective energy consumption and extension of plant life-expectancy.

ALEMCO Plant Yard

ALEMCO manufactures ducting at Dubai Industrial City which currently maintains approximately 230sqm2+ of resources per day. This is increasing rapidly and will eventually reach 500 sqm2 per day.


900 Sqm2 Manufacturing Area
300 Sqm2 Dispatch Area


31 Duct Men 20 Insulators


We have vigorous training for all staff which comply with international quality standards. Many staff operating the workshop are highly skilled and can operate machines and fabricate all fittings such as square to round’s mitered offsets, taper’s & radius bends.