Who We Are

ALEMCO,  a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing company, is a subsidiary of the ALEC Group, a premium engineering and general contractor. It provides the skill, expertise, experience and resources essential to meet the demands of today’s fast track projects.
Since its inception in 2006, ALEMCO has provided fully engineered electromechanical and building service solutions to construction projects. Its track record includes some of Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s most prestigious and iconic developments, from hotels, resort spas and retail, to cinema, leisure and exhibition spaces. 
The key services that ALEMCO provides to clients include turnkey electromechanical construction services and planning; facilities management including contract work, full maintenance and call-out facilities management services; and energy optimisation, which helps to reduce operational costs and prolong plant life. This latter is achieved through a mixture of energy audits and advanced energy saving methods. 
Additionally, Project Quantity Surveying and Budget and BOQ production are services offered. Furthering its belief in the value of bringing the best and most innovative technology, systems designs and equipment to bear on every project, ALEMCO sees its large, reliable workforce as its greatest asset. It is fully committed to enhancing its people’s skills and personal development through a programme of technical and soft skills training at its own MEP Technical Training and Development Department. 
Whatever your project needs, ALEMCO will ensure that it is delivered on time, within budget and to the highest standards.
What Drives us

We're driven by values

ALEMCO believes in creating a sustainable company culture with collaboration and honesty amongst employees to be the key element.


Our vision is to be the leading innovative MEP contractor in the region.


Provide MEP solutions with aligned capability resulting in enhanced stakeholder success.


Leveraging over 20 years of regional construction experience through the ALEC group.

Core Values

Innovation Integrity Courage People Reliability